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An American fantasy author, Jessica has been writing since she was seven. She's dabbled in fantasy, sci-fi, short stories, and poetry, and has been published in the Glitterary Magazine. She's currently a pre-major college freshman. 

Favorite series: the Finishing School series (Gail Carriger)

Favorite book: In Other Lands (Sarah Rees Brennan)


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Fire & Glass: Fire and Glass version 3 is now underway.  It's a complete plot change from the first two versions, and several characters are being renamed.

RUN: Fire and Glass is officially on hiatus until further notice. I'm devoting my attention to Run, where I've reached the second draft!

RUN: I have a new book in the works! "Run" now has a synopsis up,  which you can find here.

Fire and Glass: Due to a plethora of plot holes and character issues, I've restarted Fire and Glass from chapter 2. I'm currently working on chapter 11.


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